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No one get’s lynched for exfoliating is the greatest come back I’ve ever witnessed.




i hope that i too can one day make money off t-shirts from making posts about creepy shit, reblogging those posts 10 times a week, and posting ask after ask of people praising me like my idol sixpenceee

That money was donated to charity but I hope one day you can get off your ass and do something productive instead of lurking around my blog daily to find things to complain about

You just got told mother fucker


DIY “Frozen” Themed Recipes from Growing a Jeweled Rose. Go to her site for more “Frozen” recipes.
DIY Frozen 2 Ingredient Slime Recipe here.
DIY Frozen 3 Ingredient Paint Recipe here.
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DIY Very Cheap and Easy Wire Heart Crown from Make and Tell. This is so easy because it is one piece of wire with continuous hearts. First seen at Dollar Store Crafts where it was suggested that you could fancy it up with beads etc… For more DIY crowns go here:
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DIY 21 Slime Recipes from Fun at Home with Kids. I’ve posted some of these recipes but this is a really good roundup.
Just a few out of the 21 are:
Rainbow Slime
Galaxy Slime
Glitter Goo
Molten Lava Slime
Homemade Flarp
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Roundup DIY 9 Friendship Bracelet Tutorials. Summer 2014 Part 2. Part 1 is here.
6 Strand Arrow Friendship Bracelet from Spoonful.
Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet from Passions for Fashion.
Friendship Bracelet from Fenkoplet.
Sliding Knot Closure Beaded Friendship Bracelet from Hey Wanderer.
5 Strand Friendship Bracelet from Stripes & Sequins (easy).
Braided Bead Friendship Bracelet from Pumps & Iron.
Beginner Braided and Knotted Bracelets from Happy Hour Projects.
4 Braided Friendship Bracelets from The Purl Bee.
Ariel Gordon Silk Curb Friendship Bracelet from Thanks, I Made It.
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DIY Knitting Spool Rubberband Bracelet Tutorial from Craft and Creativity. 
For a Finger Weaving Rubberband Bracelet from Honestly WTF go here.
For a triple fishtail and regular fishtail bracelet using pencils go here:
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DIY 4 Ingredient Foaming Star Recipe from Fun at Home with Kids.
One of my most popular posts ever: Easy 2 Ingredient Sensory Rainbow Bubbles and Foam Tutorial from Fun at Home with Kids here.
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DIY Friendship Ring Tutorial from Warm Hot Chocolate. This is what I call a “stick and glue” project - that easy. For more easy kids’ jewelry DIYs go here:
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